Tanner "TT" Valentine

Member of: 
The Dorsch Family
Date of Death: 
Saturday, October 19, 2019


 A designer dog filled with love. We don’t know if being born on Valentine’s Day made him the most lovable dog we could have asked for, but he stole our hearts from the first time we saw him with those big brown eyes. After 13.5 years our hearts are broken, our family is at a loss of his loving companionship and so some much more. He was always there for us, always a comforting soul to the end. (Just don’t mess with his leashes, paws or ears.) Tanner enjoyed doing many things with the family camping, big brother to Gracie and the late Coco, protector of his family, always by one of us, going for car rides, ice cream, his pool boat, long walks with Gracie, or his big adventure at a family wedding. We are all loss without his personality and his unconditional love. From the cuddles, the kisses, little talks and eyes that could just melt your worries away. Rest easy “Lil” Bud, you leave a paw print on each of our hearts that will be deeply missed. Keep watch over us until you greet us at the heavenly door. We love you so much Baby boy, never forget that! 

“…True Friends leave Footprints in your “Heart” 

Eleanor Rooseve


It has been a week since we had to say our goodbyes to you. It is still so heartbreaking. The emptiness you leave behind is hard on all of us. I am so thankful that you are now at peace and reunited with Coco, Fred, and Buffee.Rest easy with them, over at the Rainbow bridge, until you meet me at that heavenly door. But for now I hold on to all the joy you give me and the family for over 13 years. Though all the tears it brings a smile to my face that you were a part of our family and on many of lifes adventures and memories with us. Tanner, I miss you like crazy.

Oh my Tanner boy, its been two weeks since I last got to pet you, cuddle with you, and give you sweet kisses. I miss you my little buddy, hope you are enjoy your new place at the Rainbow bridge.

This is week number 3 since I was able pet you and give each other sweet little kissy. By far the hard so far with missing you and all you cuteness. Jax give me blanket with your picture on it, so now at night I cuddle with that insteadof you. Differently not the same. My little buddy you are surely missed.

Today it's 4 weeks, which means its a month since you have been gone from us. Why does it seem like so much longer than that? Tanner, you give us so much joy and we did so much together. Everywhere we go, I remember how much fun you, Coco, and Gracie had been together, that it brakes my heart a little more. The snow that nobody like this past week, we all know you would the happy one running and chasing those snowballs. You brought a little joy into the a snowy and some much more into our lifes. Missing you so my little buddy.