Our Facility Includes:

  • Comfortable Home-like Interior
  • Cremation Witnessing
  • Crematorium Just for Pets

Private Family Viewing Room

We offer a comfortable companion room for the final viewing of your pet and to witness the cremation, if you so desire. Witnessing the cremation provides peace of mind and closure for some and can be an important part of the grieving process. Cremation witnessing must be scheduled so that we can reserve this time just for you and your family. This time is limited to one hour, any additional time required is $125 per hour.  

Large Selection of Urns & Memorial Products On-line and On-site

Our complete line of memorial products allows you to customize your urn to your pet's personality We offer a wide variety of urn materials and styles, gravestones and other keepsake items that ensures your pet will never be forgotten. 

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Removal from Home or Vets Office

We are available to assist you in getting your pet to our facility for a fee which is based on distance.

Peace of Mind

Our identification system and onsite cremation unit specifically designated for pets provides you with the assurance that your pet is individually cremated. Family name and pet name are identified side by side throughout the entire process. Each cremation is assigned a numbered metal ID tag that stays within the ashes. We do require signatures by the pet’s owner(s) for all cremations to take place.