Member of: 
The Alfonso Family
Date of Death: 
Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Rascal was the first boy we had in our family. He was extremely loved by all who came across him. He was a true mama’s boy and loved his family to the fullest. He never acted like your typical dog because he was far from average. He had a huge heart that this world wasn’t worthy of. Life will never be the same without him in it but I’m beyond thankful God blessed me with his presence. Rascal Alfonso Franco, I will always love you and forever miss you. Continue to be a good boy until we met again and please Roe don’t do anything nasty especially since God is closer to you now. Please Rascal, don’t get us kicked out before we get there. Ok thank you. I love you

Losing Rascal was losing my son. He never acted like a typical dog because he had the soul of a baby boy. He’s been by my side for over 10 years and the moment he passed away he took my heart with him. I know heaven needed him and he needed to feel free again. Being the selfish person I am I wish he was still here with me but I have no doubt that his soul went straight to heaven. I will love you forever my baby and thank you for letting me be your momma.