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The passing of a pet can be an overwhelming moment for people. At Cherished Pets Remembered, our priority is to make this process a little less challenging for your family. To help you understand the costs associated with our services and make an informed decision, we’ve broken them down in our price list. If you need any assistance or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Saying goodbye to our little ones and remaining 'paw-sitive'


Grief would be a natural response to death, no matter if the loved one was a human or an animal. For centuries, humans have shared a strong bond with companion animals. Pets provide joy, acceptance, and companionship. They help us stay active and social and give us a sense of purpose in life. That is why coping with the death of a pet can be challenging and lengthy.


Some people might have difficulty understanding your grieving process, but it is essential to realize that it is okay to grieve and take time to heal. Rituals are an indispensable part of the healing process. Having a pet funeral, burial, or memorial service for your beloved friend is a way to correctly say goodbye and reminisce about their importance in your life.


Reaching out to others who have shared the same experience can be helpful. You can seek comfort in online forums, pet loss support groups, or with friends. If you have more pets, try to keep a routine. Animals also experience loss, so giving extra attention to the surviving pets it's important during this time. Alongside this, spending time with your other pets can lift your mood and have joyful moments.


Our Pet Cremation Prices Based on Weight:





Extra Small Pet

(excludes a dog or cat)


Small Pet 1-10lbs $150.00
11-20lbs $175.00
Medium Pet 21-40lbs $200.00
41-60lbs $250.00
Large Pet 61-100lbs $275.00
100lbs + $275.00 + $1.00/lbs



Our Personalized Urns

We know how important they are for our families; they are one member more! We have created a hub with beautiful urns and burial markers for you to choose. Please check it out by clicking below and let us know if you find something special.


Product Catalog


About Pet Euthanization

  • We do offer referrals for pet euthanization and those fees are separate from the cremation charge.

  • We have now an easier way for our families to schedule an at-home pet euthanasia service by partnering with VIP Vet Visit. Please visit their website, follow their instructions and put in your zip code to check out if they serve your area. Under Select Services click on the Cherished Pets Remembered client tab. Once you have scheduled with Dr. Karie Johnson, call us and let us know the day and time of your appointment. 


The Pet Loss Support Page

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