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Losing a pet can be a difficult experience. Our companion animals are often part of the family, bringing joy, emotional support, and love. That’s why it is normal to grieve a pet in a similar way you would do any other family member. To help you cope with grief, holding a pet funeral, burial or small memorial service for your departed animal can be a healing and cathartic act. 


At Cherished Pets Remembered, we’re here to support you throughout this journey and make this process one of love, healing, and life celebration.

What to Do When a Pet Passes?


Even if your pet has been enduring a long illness, and death is inevitable, nobody is truly prepared. More often than you would think, people haven’t given any thought to how they need to handle their pets. Here are some suggestions for you.


If your pet passes at home the first thing to do is to place some plastic or a tarp on the floor, next place a towel or blanket on top of that. You can then place your dog or your dog & dog bed on top. This will help to protect your flooring from any fluid that may leak and make it easier to move your pet after they have passed. Some families place this in a box or bind to bring their pet in or simply carry them as well.


There is no right or wrong it is based on how comfortable you feel caring for or transporting your pet. Finally, make a phone call to us and we will set an appointment for you to come as soon as possible. This is usually within hours of your dog's passing and is based primarily on your schedule.


If your pet passes at the veterinarian's office know that you have options on your cremation choices. Upon choosing us let your vet know who we are and that you will be bringing your pet to us or we will be coming to pick your pet up. If you wish for us to pick your pet up please make sure you call us to do so, the vet will not. If you have a scheduled euthanization appointment with your vet please make us the next phone call so that we can serve you immediately and follow the procedure.

What to Expect When We Meet

Upon arriving at our facility, you will be guided to our visitation room where you and your family will be able to spend time with your pet. This time is for you to say you are final goodbyes and create a meaningful customized service for your pet. Poems and music photos are welcome and can help you through this process. You have this room available to you for 1/2hr and can be reserved for longer but please let us know this need in advance. If you choose our witnessing option, you will have this room to yourself or with your family until the process has completed and you are able to take the ashes home with you.


Before the cremation takes place, we walk you through the process, but we ask you to guide us on how much or how little information you need. Our large viewing window allows for a clear and transparent facility. You will also be asked to sign the authorization form and payment is due at the time of service.


Need more information? Contact us, and our dedicated staff will be glad to help you.




Remembering Your Pet


End-of-life homages are often thought to be just for humans, but honoring your pet’s life can help people to have closure and overcome grief. To honor your precious friend, we can create customized items for you to remember your pet for years to come. 


We offer a selection of urns and jewelry on site for you to select from. You can also check our online store for more items, such as burial markers, and hollow figures. We offer baked clay paw prints for your pet at an additional fee and each is size appropriate to your pet. We never charge for ink paw prints or hair clippings.


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How To Cope With The Death Of Your Pet?

Grief is a natural response to death, no matter if the loved one was a human or an animal. For centuries, humans have shared a strong bond with companion animals. Pets provide joy, acceptance, and companionship, they help us stay active and social, and even provide a sense of purpose in life. That is why coping with the death of a pet can be a challenging and long process.  


Some people might have a hard time understanding your grieving process, but the most important part is to understand that it is okay to grieve and take your time to heal. Rituals are an important part of the healing process. Having a pet funeral, burial, or a memorial service for your beloved friend is a way to properly say goodbye and reminisce about the importance they have in your life.


Reaching out to other people who have shared the same experience can be helpful. You can seek comfort in online forums, pet loss support groups, or with friends. If you have more pets, try to keep a routine. Animals also experience loss, so giving extra attention to the surviving pets it’s important during this time. Alongside, spending time with your other pets is a way to lift your mood and have joyful moments.



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